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About Dr. King

Dr. King has a doctorate in clinical psychology with an emphasis in healthcare psychology from APA accredited Midwestern University. Dr. King recently moved to Texas to be closer to family and to enjoy everything that Texas has to offer. He is very excited to bring his skills and passion to bear in the Bee Cave community.

Dr. King

Dr. King has a variety of clinical experiences that prepared him to work with the range of behavioral health concerns in the communities of Central Texas.  He completed his Postdoctoral Residency at Health West, a non-profit, federally funded community health center that provides affordable healthcare to Southeast Idaho.  At Health West, Dr. King provided assessment and individual therapy to children, adolescents and adults suffering from a variety of problems such as depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, eating disorders, self-harm, and serious mental illness.  Dr. King worked with children in clinical and school settings to improve emotional and mental functioning, social interactions and skills, verbal communication, non-suicidal self-harm, disordered eating, defiant behaviors, academic functioning, and family interactions.  Whenever appropriate, Dr. King integrated family therapy into treatment to best help children improve their health.  He also he played an integral role in developing and implementing important programs within the Idaho State University Family Medicine Residency and various sites within the Health West medical clinics. 

Dr. King also worked at the Idaho State Hospital South where he provided in depth assessment and individual and group therapy for individuals experiencing serious mental illness or severe crisis.  At the Health West ISU Family Medicine Residency Clinic, Dr. King worked closely with medical doctors to provide support and coordinate care for his patients.  Dr. King has extensive experience and training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and is certified in Interpersonal Social Rhythm Therapy.  He is also trained in Gottman Couples therapy, which he utilizes when working with couples.  He also enjoys implementing somatic, mindfulness and trauma focused therapies, as well as health psychology and integrated healthcare techniques into his clinical work to clients them fully work through their issues and obtain full, whole body health.  Dr. King believes integrated healthcare and coordination between providers ensures continuity of care and offers the most well-rounded road to health.

Horseback riding

Dr. King was raised in the mountain west on a farm, where he learned the value of life and hard work. He very much enjoys the outdoors and the wilderness, especially when combined with friends and family. Some of his interests include fishing or boating at the lake, skiing, horseback riding, and riding motorcycles. He has actively served his community throughout his life through the Boy Scouts of America and other organizations, and believes serving others is an important part of the human experience. His passion for knowledge and helping others made a career in psychology a natural step. He believes in an integrated, humanistic person-centered approach to care. This approach is further bolstered with informed interventions that are critical to each client’s specific needs.  The person-centered approach is the belief that every individual is unique with vital insight into the complexity of their own lives. 


Dr. King also believes that all people have within themselves the strength, courage, and ability to face life and its challenges. He believes in creating an authentic experience and providing an environment where individuals can safely explore their own personal experiences and perceptions.  He offers a variety of treatment and diagnostic services that include but are not limited to, depression and anxiety disorders, OCD, self-esteem issues, eating disorders, personality disorders, co-dependency, divorce, couples and family, spirituality, mindfulness, grief and loss, trauma, and health care psychology (including integrated care, and crisis intervention).  With young people, he believes they need to be heard, treated with respect, and trusted to know and find their own thoughts and emotions.  He enjoys walking alongside them on their journey to growth, health, and self-understanding.  He strives to help adolescents and teens learn the skills to be healthy and make good decisions for themselves, but also how to improve their communication with their parents about their experiences and choices.  When appropriate, Dr. King works with parents to help them be less emotionally reactive to their teens and instead respond from a place of reason, understanding and empathy.  He believes that healthy communication helps improve family functioning, and ultimately assists teens in growing into well-functioning young adults.  With couples, Dr. King enjoys helping partners discover emotional safety and comfort through healthy communication and reignite that lost spark and learn the tools to keep it burning bright.

Dr. King looks forward to working together to help create increase peace and enjoyment in your life.

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